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Best of Web часть 1

27 October, 2012 Gav Категория: Разное

Лучшие моменты лучших роликов интернета. При создании ролика было использованно 200 роликов, и музыкальный трек Turn it down - Kaskade (Le castle vania remix). По итогу вышел ролик всего на 3 минуты 27 секунд. Источник. Под спойлером оригиналы всех использованных роликов.


001- The Arctic Light - http://bit.ly/swxWCx

002- GoPro HD: Avalanche Cliff Jump with Matthias Giraud - http://bit.ly/t1D3UV

003- Jeb Corliss Grinding The Crack - http://bit.ly/tU4j0d

004- Unbelievable cable car speed flying - Antoine Montant in Chamonix, France - http://bit.ly/vDo66C

005- På tynn sjøis 2 (on thin sea ice 2), Sandefjord in Norway - http://bit.ly/sxEkzC

006- Dressed for Dinner - http://bit.ly/szlhlT

007- Air France L'Envol - Film pub 2011 - http://bit.ly/t7N5J0

008- Columbia's Omni-Heat Electric vs. Wim Hof: Another Day at the Office - http://bit.ly/sIn24f

009- Douchebag Bison - http://bit.ly/tnHOFz

010- 2SCS14 TRAILER 2 - http://bit.ly/rWz2XW

011- Criminal Penguins - Frozen Planet - http://bit.ly/sa5Obj

012- One year in 120 seconds - http://bit.ly/sIpxcH

013- Kids Create Bellagio-style Water Show in Pool - http://bit.ly/rZqeZD

014- Shark Pool: Official Trailer - http://bit.ly/u9yl0Q

015- Pool Skateboarding - http://bit.ly/t6JgyG

016- Cooper the chimp goes scuba diving - http://bit.ly/tItPXi

017- Ape With AK-47 - http://bit.ly/uRAgbK

018- Toyota NZ Hilux TV ad - Tougher Than You Can Imagine - http://bit.ly/smgXB3

019- Longboarding: French Fries and Dogs Eyes - http://bit.ly/ujUEE3

020- Landscapes: Volume Two - http://bit.ly/suPFGo

021- Future, Past & Present - Gerard Trueba, Cesar Cañas & Toni Bou - http://bit.ly/s80BMq

022- Danny MacAskill Plays Capetown - http://bit.ly/vdkylQ

023- Trike Racing - Fast and the Furious - http://bit.ly/voRdMP

024- Dirt Bike Lands on Chick CRASH HUGE - http://bit.ly/tU9vr3

025- Formula 1 comes to America! - Red Bull Racing takes first lap in Texas - http://bit.ly/vm8hLt


027- Replay XD1080 - 462 in the Speed Demon - http://bit.ly/rAXZoR

028- Hdr skies - http://bit.ly/sTnbmw

029- The Human Slingshot - http://bit.ly/sQz9dT

030- Human Slingshot Slip and Slide - Vooray - http://bit.ly/vxJoZd

031- Blob Jump Official Guinness World Record - http://bit.ly/vse1Lt

032- Falling off the Rock 2011 - part 2 of 2 - http://bit.ly/tWbGD2

033- Michal Navratil - jumped from hotel roof in St. Maarten - http://bit.ly/rShYGs

034- Trip Of a Lifetime - Cliff Diving In Bermuda - http://bit.ly/rzSe6i

035- Vermont - http://bit.ly/sLqASm

036- RC Aerial Cam, Aerial Video Reel - http://bit.ly/vKHnHx

037- Ryan Doyle parkour in Mardin - http://bit.ly/uH8GHv

038- Russian spiderman 2 - Sergey Devliashov - http://bit.ly/skw7S8

039- Parkour comes to Greece - Red Bull Roof Tops - http://bit.ly/uQSBzU


041- Damien Walters 2011 Official Showreel - http://bit.ly/vbMHVM

042- SwagRun Parkour and Freerunning - http://bit.ly/utaNyH

043- Dream World - http://bit.ly/t12bvk

044- Ampisound Showreel - http://bit.ly/rGaPr7

045- PUMPED UP KICKS DUBSTEP - http://bit.ly/u7tBXH

046- Stunt Motorcyclist in Downtown Chicago - Red Bull Night Tracks - http://bit.ly/uNXuZp

047- Endless Dance - Vagabonds & Friends - http://bit.ly/rqjYt8

048- Tokiodrift im Wohnzimmer - http://bit.ly/syi2Ol

049- Longest Consecutive Headspin World Record 11YR OLD - http://bit.ly/uTrVnf

050- Dubstep Juggling - http://bit.ly/u7ojlX

051- Hudson - Against The Grain - http://bit.ly/vMfJAZ

052- J&B Remix music video - J&B Remix music video

053- Slow Motion Dog Video from Beneful - http://bit.ly/tTYp71

054- Jorian Ponomareff - Ride your passion - http://bit.ly/vWWvCA

055- GoPro 2011 Highlights You in HD - http://bit.ly/u0AgRl

056- Dubstep dance Unleash Your Fingers edIT - Ants JayFunk - http://bit.ly/uFnbyP

057- Intro Dream Jump 222m - Dream Tower not a Bungee jump - longest - http://bit.ly/sLFLdF

058- Polte - What it is all about - http://bit.ly/ti8G90

059- Jung von Matt Limmat: Pro Infirmis Rapprochez-vous - http://bit.ly/tOcqj4

060- High five for first kiss - http://bit.ly/tvAdU3

061- EVOLUTION OF STYLE 2 - http://bit.ly/tI98sx

062 - Madeon - Pop Culture - http://bit.ly/rPWuMs

063- Weetabix - Dancer - http://bit.ly/vEZ83S

064- FUTURE PROOF - http://bit.ly/t2kpsn

065- Michael - PS3 Long Live Play - http://bit.ly/ucI2BE

066- Go Beyond The Cover - http://bit.ly/sTHiZN

067- Yoga Outreach - Zombies - http://bit.ly/uFovF1

068- Eyes in slow motion - http://bit.ly/sUKH0g

069- 100 YEARS STYLE EAST LONDON - http://bit.ly/vYW0oL

070- Greatest Father Daughter Dance Medley Ever - http://bit.ly/vw1CLR

071- Party Rock Anthem-Kia Soul Hamster Commercial - http://bit.ly/tAAlBX

072- Freestyle Football - Gautivity 4 - http://bit.ly/v54pzE

073- Skipping Slow Motion - http://bit.ly/ti3trE

074- OPJ in HOT ROPE - jumping sequence - http://bit.ly/sq9gys

075- Flying Rhinos - http://bit.ly/tMjIwC

076- World's first manned flight with an electric multicopter - http://bit.ly/v9QILx

077- Robert Muraine - Mr Fantastic a World Of Dance San Diego 2010 - http://bit.ly/twRPYb

078- Becks - NONSTOP - Skrillex - http://bit.ly/tA6743

079- Samsung - Slate - http://bit.ly/ti8sgy

080- Samsung - Chronos - http://bit.ly/u4fHc7

081- BOLSHOI THEATRE - id - http://bit.ly/tZuufz

082- Changing faces with a smile - Operation Smile - http://bit.ly/rFBx7x

083- Losers - http://bit.ly/sJaMMh

084- Canal+ The Bear by BETC Paris - http://bit.ly/scJGXO

085- Break Dancing Gorilla at the Calgary Zoo - http://bit.ly/rOVlrE

086- BALLET 360 - The 360 Project - http://bit.ly/tUK3U3


088- Dubai Airports Flash Mob - http://bit.ly/rqJGUn

089- Modern Warfare - Epic Tower Jump - http://bit.ly/swwlU3

090- GoPro 2011 Highlights: You in HD - http://bit.ly/u0AgRl

091- GoPro 2011 Highlights: You in HD - http://bit.ly/u0AgRl

092- Hotel Booked in Freefall - http://bit.ly/s4bO90

093- EVOLUTION OF STYLE - http://bit.ly/uGKs44

094- Mercedes-Benz Werbung mit Stop im Wald German TV 2011 - http://bit.ly/u644iC

095- Respire - http://bit.ly/u4LCAA

096- Lil crabe - sail - break ton neck - http://bit.ly/vjkTvd

097- Kilian Martin: A Skate Illustration - http://bit.ly/teS7su

098- Ballroom Dance - Tale As Old As Time - http://bit.ly/tqoSuu

099- AZO Showreel 2011 - http://bit.ly/vtL2dC

100- The 2011 Short Film Of The Year Awards - http://bit.ly/s90kZL

101- IGLIDE - Christina Aguilera - DUBSTEP - http://bit.ly/u1oI7x

102- Genki Sudo - WORLD ORDER in New York - http://bit.ly/Ag1VQc

103- Taekwondo Shuffle in Korea - http://bit.ly/s1Iwkg

104- McGill Dances for Cancer Research Lipdub - http://bit.ly/uIycdY

105- NOISIA VISION Teaser - http://bit.ly/spAAav

106- Water Jet Pack: Get High with Jetlev - http://bit.ly/v139qI

107- Mirage - The Full Experience - http://bit.ly/rGDYAL

108- International Epic Trick Shot Battle - Brodie Smith - USA vs. Australia - http://bit.ly/upYjKx

109- CSF World's Largest Water Balloon Fight 2011 Official Video - http://bit.ly/uZeZ2p

110- Water Balloon to the Face doesn't pop - Smarter Every Day - http://bit.ly/sdcClY

111- Beats By Dr. Dre Studio Color Campaign - http://bit.ly/s1jWsw

112- Lisa Hannigan - Knots - http://bit.ly/ttiTqc

113- Porter Robinson - SPITFIRE - CAPTURE THE CAN - http://bit.ly/sDuVCK

114- This is what it's like to be shot at with an AK-47 - http://bit.ly/sRZ03o

115- Ultimate Batting Practice - http://bit.ly/vZJjQv

116- Publicité IKEA njut - Cuisine mix -http://bit.ly/tcQuuS

117- Storm Freerun - Volume 1 - http://bit.ly/tO7out

118- Ryan Williams Web Edit Two - http://bit.ly/t1Jx5d

119- North Legion SMX 2011- shizofanatic - http://bit.ly/txbGug

120- TreT-Training - Parkour Dog From Ukraine - http://bit.ly/u4Fdlp

121- Nub TV - Skateboard Side Flip - First Ever - http://bit.ly/u4MGgP

122- Drifting Motorbike - Drift Gymkhana - Jorian Ponomareff - http://bit.ly/vigZlQ

123- MOVE - http://bit.ly/w3n6Dq

124- RESEAU FERRE DE FRANCE - http://bit.ly/vLJCiq

125- Nissan QASHQAI new TV Commercial HD - http://bit.ly/uxkoIA

126- Endless Roads - Trailer - http://bit.ly/sa74Zc

127- Trial Freestyle - THE PARAMONT RIDE - JULIEN DUPONT - ARTHUR - http://bit.ly/tNajd1

128- World's Greatest Drag Race - http://bit.ly/vLPjRz

129- Girl vs. Camel - in race - http://bit.ly/vBkhW8

130- Jedi Kittens Strike Back - http://bit.ly/tZ65kW

131- Brain Farm Digital Cinema Reel HD - http://bit.ly/s8KQ6a

132- McFly's Closet - http://bit.ly/tQjcSk

133- Epic Chicken Burger Combo - Epic Meal Time - http://bit.ly/vbCPHi

134- Downhill Skateboard Bobtrack Altenberg Ramón Königshausen - http://bit.ly/vuzqpT

135- android dreams - http://bit.ly/tblywg

136- Timelapse - The City Limits - http://bit.ly/rpQ46L

137- The Aurora - http://bit.ly/s85C1E

138- Finding Oregon - http://bit.ly/tXLUt8

139- ZAIN - SAD WORLD - http://bit.ly/s5CFLb

140- Glencairn Tower Demolition - http://bit.ly/rPTNGc

141- Helicopter Crashes - http://bit.ly/rN9jTj

142- Paragliding vs Eagle - http://bit.ly/tsNA7z

143- I DIDN'T HIT MY BALLS - http://bit.ly/u1Xo81

144- Tough Mudder 2012 - http://bit.ly/vHLifo

145- Aerialist Seanna Sharpe 285 Feet Over The Williamsburg Bridge - http://bit.ly/sNfpbL

146- One Wheel Up, One Way Or Another - http://bit.ly/sRL6Xj

147- Jetman vs Jetteam - http://bit.ly/rt1Axy

148- Vestel - F18 Jetwash - http://bit.ly/tp9GrP

149- Ground Control Trailer - 6 December 2011 - http://bit.ly/w0osRy

150- Frank Lavallee - a Short Skate Film - http://bit.ly/sCKqzP

151- 8 Hours in Brooklyn - http://bit.ly/tszXry

152- STREET BATTLE YAK FILMS Les Twins VS Bones Pee Fly VS Laura Boubou - http://bit.ly/vW2HyA

153- Sneaker Face - http://bit.ly/uQJn9l

154- Friend request - http://bit.ly/rZ4tX3

155- Corentin - http://bit.ly/uKaiZw

156- AMAZING BEATBOX KIDS - Feel So Good - Masta Mic - http://bit.ly/skcR7S

157- Skittles Boom Box - http://bit.ly/uQcPe2

158- Cello Wars - Star Wars Parody Lightsaber Duel - Steven Sharp - http://bit.ly/s2D0ut

159- Michael Jackson Tribute Performance by Cirque du Soleil - http://bit.ly/vqEQXL

160- International Epic Trick Shot Battle - Brodie Smith - http://bit.ly/upYjKx

161- FLASHMOB - TESTÉ SUR DES HUMAINS - TVA - http://bit.ly/sYcFza

162- CubeStormer II - http://bit.ly/vwizsE

163- I LOOK MOVE - http://bit.ly/rQIvhg

164- Bupa Find A Healthier You - http://bit.ly/tWAsdv

165- Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas - http://bit.ly/u0obXQ

166- Take This Lollipop - http://bit.ly/stilrz

167- blind - http://bit.ly/sEYlkh

168- Traffic in Frenetic HCMC Vietnam - http://bit.ly/vrqE5s

169- Cravendale - Cats with Thumbs - http://bit.ly/v8MnKi

170 - Jackass 3D Rocky Punch - http://bit.ly/taSKAs

171- JP Auclair Street Segment - from Sherpas Cinemas_ All.I.Can - http://bit.ly/u670CQ

172- Beat It - A beatboxing and popping inspired short film featuring - http://bit.ly/uCSqLg

173- Brush With Death - http://bit.ly/t1O245

174- BOB - http://bit.ly/rRDYLW

175- Old Spice Motorcycle - http://bit.ly/w2Le4a

176- Official Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - The Vet - The n00b - http://bit.ly/uXqNCU

177- THE AMAZING CALLS - NOKIA Lumia - http://bit.ly/sMv0Zm

178- Brain Farm Digital Cinema Reel HD - http://bit.ly/s8KQ6a

179- Freestyle mtn biking in slow motion - Dancing Slopestyle - http://bit.ly/rU6s38

180- adidas D Rose adiZero Rose 2 The Bull - http://bit.ly/t8UtyO

181- BOLSHOI THEATRE id - http://vimeo.com/31256872

182- Stunt Poetry - http://bit.ly/v8Bs8R

183- YouTube Space Lab - What Will You Do? - http://bit.ly/vrsbe0

184- PHANTOM WATER EDIT - http://bit.ly/rOK13J

185- Cliff Diving in Athens, Greece - Red Bull Cliff Diving World - http://bit.ly/sZ1stW

186- Dynamic Blooms - http://bit.ly/uQGjQE

187- Life of flowers - http://bit.ly/ttAKj9


189- Rio for Real Fly with a bird - http://bit.ly/uiiP7U

190- Video Tutorial_ use of a steadycam for outdoor - http://bit.ly/uZdIGF

191- Just Jump - Skydives - http://bit.ly/uVAyEF

192- Danse avec le pil - Dancing with a plane - http://bit.ly/uPv71Y

193- Louie Schwartzberg - The hidden beauty of pollination - http://bit.ly/uItZZs

194- Loom - http://bit.ly/sEBuwo

195- Lovely Owl - http://bit.ly/sHFaz7

196- Phantom Cocktails - http://bit.ly/vsHjBy

197- Winter in Hell - http://bit.ly/rp0omU

198- Afghanistan – touch down in flight - http://bit.ly/tPCk0r

199- Internet Love Story CTFxC Wedding - Charles & Alli - http://bit.ly/vey0E0

200- 24 Hours of Neon - http://bit.ly/rTCldG">200- 24 Hours of Neon

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