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Best of web часть 2

28 October, 2012 Gav Категория: Разное

На создание ролика длинной в 4 минуты 37 секунд ушло всего то навсего 184 ролика и один аудио трек  Breakn' A Sweat (Zedd Remix) - Skrillex & The Doors! Автор работы все тот же Luc Bergeron. Источник https://plus.google.com/. Под спойлером оригиналы всех использованных роликов.

001- Ice skating on Amsterdam Canals Winter 2012 - http://bit.ly/HDbBZb

002- Ice fun with a golf cart - http://bit.ly/Haqpkq

003- The Art of Skiing - http://bit.ly/H8qXct

004- Robert Jan Jansen Ice Karting 2012 - http://bit.ly/HFZHlv

005- Salomon Freeski TV S5 E05 The Freedom Chair - http://bit.ly/HeN8sC

006- Peugeot 207 Super 2000 - Zoncolan mountain race by TopGear ita - http://bit.ly/H9FeEm

007- Kayaking on snow - Red Bull Snowkayak Lithuania 2012 - http://bit.ly/H3TiON

008- Jag XKRS Convertible On Ice - http://bit.ly/HeAj5L

009- Mushing in Telluride - http://bit.ly/HOz0Yp

010- Markku Alen tests the Ferrari FF on a snow-covered forest stage - http://bit.ly/H8KsOX

011- BoxSled Blitz - http://bit.ly/HA0SoK

012- NÜRBURGRING Formula Race Car. ICE and SNOW. NORDSCHLEIFE - http://bit.ly/HA1drp

013- Teaser Salomon Kilian's Quest 2011 - http://bit.ly/HeOLGP

014- driving on mountain top ORIGINAL - http://bit.ly/H8hEFQ

015- Extreme Motorcycle Snow Drifting by Jorian Ponomareff - http://bit.ly/HeP6t9

016- Restricted Area - Drifting Motorcycles Crossing - Drift Moto - http://bit.ly/HgVtfW

017- Nitro Circus The Movie 3D Official Trailer #NITRO3D - http://bit.ly/H8MBKj

018- Joy Ride - http://bit.ly/HDlAO2

019- GoPro HD: Ronnie Renner Takes on Glamis - http://bit.ly/H9Qmo4

020- Petr Pilat Backflips over Plane with His Bike - http://bit.ly/HIsR4w

021- Rocky FMX session - http://bit.ly/HgWbdo

022- DREAM RIDE: Stewart & Cachia Heli Shoot - http://bit.ly/H8v0Wl

023- Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2 - http://bit.ly/HBgZ3V

024- Milkshake at 100mph - http://bit.ly/HahIed

025- Julien Welsch Normal stunt drift day - http://bit.ly/HNVkTi

026- GoPro HD Airplane Tail Grab with the Werth Brothers - http://bit.ly/HD70aY

027- No Risk No Fun- crazy horst - http://bit.ly/H8wxf7

028- Rob Holland 2011 Year End Review - http://bit.ly/H9RUi3

029- Airstrike Media Demo | Aerial Division of HDM - http://bit.ly/HauzJ1

030- AirVenture 2011 - The World_s Greatest Airshow - http://bit.ly/H8x5l8

031- Aircraft rolls with man on wing - http://bit.ly/HauWmX

032- Flying over Venice - Earthflight Europe - http://bit.ly/H8NWpc

033- Black Diamond Jet Team Teaser - http://bit.ly/HavuZQ

034- Turbolenza SoulFlyers Fred&Vince - http://bit.ly/H8R7bP

035- Snow Circles - http://bit.ly/H8OwTT

036- At Last - Wingsuit proximity by Tiger Odd-Martin in his X2 - http://bit.ly/HeHPO1

037- Art of B.A.S.E. - http://bit.ly/H40Alr

038- Ueli Steck's Eiger north face ascent - http://bit.ly/H8QDqL

039- Freeway A Skydiving Story - http://bit.ly/HambgZ

040- Man Hangs From Helicopter With One Foot - http://bit.ly/HBqY9u

041- The Wings of Blue PTWOB - http://bit.ly/HITJBD

042- Felix Baumgartners Test Jump Teaser - http://bit.ly/HDVb2J

043- Wingsuit flies beside jet - http://bit.ly/HOmc5F

044- More Than A Feeling - http://bit.ly/Hhd2N8

045- Saï Saï Life - http://bit.ly/HArJRz

046- Welcoming 2012 with an awe-inspring BASE jump display - http://bit.ly/H9UmSf

047- Urban Side - http://bit.ly/HeRUdV

048- Famous Maho Beach St maarten Princess Juliana Int'l Airport - http://bit.ly/H8JK7x

049- SAIL - http://bit.ly/H7fRFG

050- A moment in time - http://bit.ly/H9WCJc

051- Parahawking in Nepal - Amazing - http://bit.ly/HNJQAJ

052- nick.J.weicht [demo] - http://bit.ly/HDEGFz

053- World's Largest Rope Swing - http://bit.ly/Haw1iM

054- BIG RUSH - The World's Tallest Swing - http://bit.ly/H8ZRDu

055- Festival of Colors - World's BIGGEST color party - http://bit.ly/Ha6d6b

056- HeLIUM - http://bit.ly/H4e6pn

057- The World's Most Colourful Burnout! - http://bit.ly/H8A6y6

058- Most water balloons hit by a car: Alfa Romeo - http://bit.ly/H7hbs9

059 Dakuwaqa's Garden - Underwater footage from Fiji & Tonga - http://bit.ly/HPfJ9f

060- The Tank Bangers - Our Blue - http://bit.ly/H90pcx

061- Fishing under ice - http://bit.ly/HGO65v

062- Sharky with Monster Energy's Mark Healey - http://bit.ly/Hfexzx

063- Underwater dentists! RED SEA Egypt HD - http://bit.ly/H9Ym55

064- SUBWING...underwater madness - http://bit.ly/HJ4Ieh

065- A-Town Throw-Down Hydrofoil Freeriding - http://bit.ly/H7iVSm

066- Mexico 2012 (Sexico ft. Sergio Remarkable) vol. 0.1 - http://bit.ly/HhjxQ1

067- Kalani Chapman Surfs Billabong Pipe Masters with GoPro - http://bit.ly/HaJh2L

068- Minds Wide Open Trailer - http://bit.ly/H929m6

069- Alaska Wakeboarding Teaser from Catchin' Air Tv Show - http://bit.ly/Hfg88p

070- Hannah Whiteley Brazilian Nut Case - http://bit.ly/HazAFJ

071- Rush Sturges New Highlight Reel (2011) - http://bit.ly/HfbiTV

072- Pogo GoPro - http://bit.ly/HOAR0v

073- 8 year old Skateboarder Evan Doherty Big E - http://bit.ly/HJ8vbo

074- Momentum - New Wakeboarding Trailer - http://bit.ly/H93x8e

075- Dylan Thompson in THE ARENA - http://bit.ly/H8EoFK

076- Salt Boarding - Blank Snowboards - http://bit.ly/HeZchM

077- X Games in Slow Motion - 1000 fps - http://bit.ly/HDO9N1

078- GoPro HD: Shaun White Superpipe - Winter X Games 2012 - http://bit.ly/HfhWhE

079- Grand Illusion 3 - http://bit.ly/HaLpr3


081- Urban Sense - Czech Parkour and Freerunning - http://bit.ly/H7lZh6

082- Envies d'air - http://bit.ly/HJcpRB

083- SUPER PIOLA TICO - http://bit.ly/HEO25a

084- Team Farang Tour - The Temple - http://bit.ly/Hf0x8d


086- BLOODMASTERS BLOODBATH part 1 - http://bit.ly/HabM4o

087- Sexy Jenni in a 1250whp Underground Racing Lamborghini - http://bit.ly/H4kAVj

088- Sexy Beach Party in my Sparkly Speedo - http://bit.ly/H8GDZH

089- Manic Focus ft. Lisa Lottie - Circles - http://bit.ly/HJfgKs

090- Ice Drifting Motorbike - Gymkhana - Jorian Ponomareff - http://bit.ly/HaElze

091- V The Ultimate Variety Show - The Skating Aratas - http://bit.ly/HOJKXU

092- Winter X Games Real Snow_ Bode Merrill - http://bit.ly/HEooL5

093- Christmas Spin - http://bit.ly/H7ob8v

094- Beat Battle 2012 - The Tournament - http://bit.ly/H96zcI

095- XP Competition Highlights - http://bit.ly/Hae5ED

096- Longboarding - Let Go - http://bit.ly/H9gxpA

097- Buenos Aires - Inception Park - http://bit.ly/HO4Res

098- ATR Caleb Moore Polaris RZR Backflip Foam Pit Testing - http://bit.ly/HANZdZ

099- Maverick | Project X - http://bit.ly/H97U38

100- Schaatsen voor gevorderden - http://bit.ly/H7qdFC

101- Full Circle - http://bit.ly/HEuxqx

102- Andrea Catozzi - Inspiring Movement (2011) - http://bit.ly/HEUFEq

103- Dance Like Nobody's Watching: Laundromat - http://bit.ly/HH7D5S

104- My 90-Year-Old Grandma Dances to Whitney Houston - http://bit.ly/HAPcSB

105- DREAMER|DUBSTEP - http://bit.ly/HfjjZ0

106- Smooth Criminal: Jeff Loehrke Wedding Dance - http://bit.ly/Hfjqnk

107- Surprise Dance on Finnair Flight to celebrate India's Republic Day - http://bit.ly/HJlFVL

108- Justin Bieber Baby groomsmen surprise wedding dance - http://bit.ly/HEWpNY

109- Brian's Surprise Justin Bieber Wedding Dance for Emily - http://bit.ly/Hafjjg

110- Braun BATTLE OF THE YEAR 2011 1on1 Official Recap | YAK FILMS - http://bit.ly/H7rJHP

111- DJ MAMA scratch DUET DJ doggy scratching french bulldog hip - http://bit.ly/HE1HYN

112- Midnight Lights - Stadium Dubstep | 1080 | HD - http://bit.ly/HEXOnG

113- Dope Zebra - http://bit.ly/H8MLkF

114- C2C - F·U·Y·A - http://bit.ly/HaQPm3

115- (remember to breathe) Alberta - Travel Alberta - http://bit.ly/HOaEki

116- Spartan Race Official Video - http://bit.ly/Hfp7Gs

117- Remote Kontrol Dance Crew with Adventure Club Dubstep - http://bit.ly/HOTtxA

118- Tru Freedom (Slow Mo Freerunning) - http://bit.ly/HOTK3o

119- Thrillbillies Teaser with Travis Pastrana - http://bit.ly/H4rt90

120- Yelle - Comme Un Enfant (Freaks Remix) - http://bit.ly/HEZi1p

121- Ultimate Tak Ball - The Future of Sport Adrenaline - http://bit.ly/Hhw7yy

122- Tough Mudder Georgia 2012 Official Video - http://bit.ly/H4rXvM

123- Filter by Gravis - http://bit.ly/Hfr1a9

124- ELLEN_S DANCE DARE fouseyTUBE - http://bit.ly/HPHfDs

125- Jeremy Ellis performs on Maschine Mikro - http://bit.ly/HJtjQ2

126- Man VS Fruit Jelly - http://bit.ly/HAWV2Q

127- Mountain Remodeling - Blowing Up A Mountain - http://bit.ly/HacYRS

128- The Cinnamon Challenge by GloZell and her Big Behind Earrings - http://bit.ly/Hajs6U

129- Fort Steuben Bridge Demolition - http://bit.ly/HF3JZT

130- Tunisian duel : ride the desert - http://bit.ly/H7wtNG

131- Black Diamond - http://bit.ly/H7wKQE

132- Leeside Skateboard Mayhem - http://bit.ly/HeIHAQ

133- Unkle - Ever Rest - http://bit.ly/HOjajf

134- Insane First Person Cliff Jump - http://bit.ly/H9eSoW

135- The Waterlust Project - A GoPro Film Series - http://bit.ly/HhA06Q

136- Trike Drifting - http://bit.ly/Hft0LQ

137- Ratatouille The Snowboarding Opossum - http://bit.ly/H4vMRP

138- Downhill extreme: Rollerman overtaking motorcycle - http://bit.ly/H7xJ3n

139- Champagne_ Champagne At Stevens Pass - http://bit.ly/HakqA2

140- araabMUZIK dubstep live @ 1500M2 Warsaw - http://bit.ly/HEdVkj

141- Gorilla lured by iPhone- a how-to demo - http://bit.ly/HJyyPK

142- Durex Vinyl - http://bit.ly/H92tA7

143- Big Cats + Mirrors = Funny - http://bit.ly/HEfcb2

144- Johnny Neon Hearts - http://bit.ly/HafGa2

145- Grizzly Brown Bear Bluff Charge, Katmai Alaska - http://bit.ly/HHuka6

146- Ski Trip - http://bit.ly/HCfzGm

147- BeetleCam is Back Teaser - http://bit.ly/H9uBzC

148- PhantomHD - Kitten in Slow Motion - http://bit.ly/HfwQ7C

149- Seat up - http://bit.ly/HfzbL8

150- Beautiful Day at the Dog Park - http://bit.ly/HfznKb

151- amazing acrobatic dog - http://bit.ly/HfzOEl

152- Bearded Dragon playing Ant Crusher - http://bit.ly/HhHZAH

153- new born deer - http://bit.ly/H9vAj6

154- Lion's Kin Rug - http://bit.ly/HfAwl5

155- High Speed Reel 2011 - http://bit.ly/Hfxxhe

156- My Father's Garden - http://bit.ly/HEn1xv

157- Chimp Trying To Beat Baby - http://bit.ly/HfxK44

158- Sofia the Lion Tamer at Wellington Zoo, New Zealand - http://bit.ly/H970T0

159- Seneca Runs - Time Lapse Tuesday - http://bit.ly/HP67MW

160- Serious Gooning - http://bit.ly/H8X6wS

161- Down Hill Urbano Ferias de Manizales 2012 - http://bit.ly/H9ya8T

162- Radwanderung - http://bit.ly/H8YhMW

163- Ultim8 DownMall 2012 - http://bit.ly/H7F6Yl

164- A Dream Car. For Real Life - http://bit.ly/H7F9nc

165- Chevy Sonic | Stunts | Rob Dyrdek Sonic Kickflip Behind the Scenes - http://bit.ly/HaSgoI

166- Winter X Games Real Snow: Scott Stevens - http://bit.ly/HCl8Ve

167- Visualtraveling - Holy Cow - http://bit.ly/H8YYFU

168- Venture to the Eiger: A window into our world - http://bit.ly/HhMZWb

169- Collapsing floor by filling room with water - http://bit.ly/HBcM1w

170- Verdensrekord / World Record by 115 km/h - http://bit.ly/H9mJTm

171- Frame of Mind - http://bit.ly/H99bpL

172- Russian City Climbing Extreme Sport - http://bit.ly/Haq0yX

173- On thin ice 4 - http://bit.ly/HJNcGI

174- Phantom Jeremy Evans' Winning Dunks - http://bit.ly/HaT4dw

175- 4 yr. old is the next Tiger - http://bit.ly/HBdSuh

176- Jamie playing multiball (The Original) Ping Pong Baby - http://bit.ly/H9AaOr

177- FELIZ ANO NOVO - HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2012 - http://bit.ly/H4AsqA

178- A Bride at 100 - http://bit.ly/HCnB2a

179- Soldier Returns - http://bit.ly/HFedG1

180- Hunger Games Edition | Dude Perfect - http://bit.ly/HP7LOt

181- Fluorescent Light Bulbs SMASH - The Slow Mo Guys - http://bit.ly/H90pEp

182- Expoze.tv@ Skrillex//Deadmau5 - Balenblanc Produkt Mars Événements - http://bit.ly/HfocoV

183- The Art of FLIGHT - snowboarding film trailer w/Travis Rice - http://bit.ly/HComYX

184- 7 adorable ways to get baby to sleep - http://bit.ly/HaTHUr

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